Saturday, May 10, 2014

Attempt to Assassinate Andrew Jackson

Andrew Jackson has the distinction of being the first president to have an assassination attempt made against him.

Picture this: Sixty-three year old Andrew Jackson is walking across the Capitol Rotunda, when Richard Lawrence, an unemployed house painter moves to the front of the crowd, and fires two pistol shots into the President.

 By luck, both pistols misfire. The aging Jackson charges the attempted assassin, beating him to the ground.
That may be how it happened.

Another story says Davy Crockett was in the Rotunda that day and tackled the assassin bringing him to the ground.

Either story is pretty cool.

Talk about balls. Barrack Obama or George Bush would have pissed their pants if the same thing happened to them.

Jackson was no stranger to death or weapons. In his life time he fought two duels, faced down the Creek Indians, and ultimately fought the final battle of the War of 1812 at New Orleans.

(excerpt from my book - Bad Ass Presidents)