Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Abraham Lincoln and Women

Mary Todd Lincoln
Lucky in politics, unlucky in love may have been a good motto for Lincoln.

Lincoln’s first infatuation was with a young woman named Anne Rutledge. They met in 1835, shortly after he moved to New Salem. It is said Lincoln had a great fondness for her.

Unfortunately, Anne Rutledge died suddenly in August of 1835. She was twenty-two years old. Lincoln was heartbroken.

Lincoln’s next love interest was Mary Owen. She was a Kentucky girl, and Lincoln met her in 1836 when she was visiting her sister in New Salem. They had a short courtship that lasted less than a year.

Mary Todd came into Lincoln’s life in December of 1839. They were engaged in December of 1840, and planned on marrying the next year. Lincoln soon had second thoughts and broke off the engagement. They met again in 1842, and ended up tying the knot on November 4th of that year.