Saturday, April 21, 2012

Review of Philatelic Database Blog

Ran across a real cool blog today for anyone interested in the history of philately (stamp collecting).  Philatelic Database, a site based out of Australia, offers hundreds of great articles covering - history of individual stamps, post offices, and the issues of various countries.  You will also find archives of articles focusing on:  Airmail, Railway, and shipping services.

Just a few of the articles I enjoyed were -
  • America's Smallest Post Office., Wheeler Springs, California.  It's just a picture, but it reminds me a lot of one of those drive up coffee places you see sprouting up everywhere.
  • By Rail in Japan in 1898.  The article was originally published in 1898, and gives an interesting narrative of rail travel in early Japan:  "The native of Japan arrives at the station two or three hours before the train is due. If he be a rustic, or unused to travelling, and he intends to take a morning train, he will probably make a point of taking up a strong position at the station the night before his prospective journey and camping on the platform. To this practice the railway officials make no sort of objection: the ingrained honesty and scrupulous cleanliness of the people put it out of the power of the authorities to find any reason why travellers should not be allowed to insure themselves–after their own unique method–against any chance of being left behind by the train."
  • Story of Quantas Empire Airlines.  Tells the story of the beginnings of Quantas Airlines by P. J. McGinness and Hudson Fysh.
Are you familiar with other history blogs we need to review?  Let us know.


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